Who has a responsibility for that incident?

According to CBC news, a passenger reportedly was injured by what appeared to be a sewing needle found in a sandwich during a flight from victoria to Toronto. It was minor injuries, but it could threaten passenger’s life. That sandwich company was from Gate Gourmet Canada. Also, they found needles Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam. Spokesperson of Gate Gourmet Canada said that we are working closely to support our customer, including co-operating with the authorities investigating the incident.

Read the article, http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/07/31/needle-flight-meal-air-canada.html, and respond to the following questions: (1) identify the human factors that are related to this issue,(2)How serious it is? (3) Who has a responsibility for that incident?

It is serious problem for aviation industry. They should check everything before flight, first they need to think about what is the most important when they work aviation industry.

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Should we have a dream job for our life?


According to Confucius, he said, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”?. I think that sentence has hiding real meaning which is not following money for your life. If you love your job, you can get worthwhile even though you cannot get enough money for your life.

I have a dream job, it is realistic but it is very difficult to get that dream job. The most people’s dream jobs are difficult, or some people’s dream job is not realistic. I think that it depends on what they want to get in their dream job. If their purpose is money, it is not realistic and it is difficult to get that dream job because when they try to get a dream job, that might be boring and it might not enjoy for them, but If they find worthwhile in their dream job, it is going to be really exciting and they could get energy through their challenge. Also, they have passion for challenging to their dream job.

I have experience which is full time job after graduated from university in Korea. When I work in Korea, I was bored and not exiting. I just needed to earn money for my life. I do not have passion for my job. It was really hard time for me. When I get stress, I always think about quitting for a job. At that time I thought that I need a new job that I have passion for that job even though salary is not high. Therefore, Money is not first, Passion is first.


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Effect of farting on aircraft

During flight, human have no patience with farting because it is physiological phenomena. Also, in-flight farts inevitable because of change in pressure. However, farting could be dangerous. If the pilot restrains a fart, all the pilot affect his abilities to control the airplane. As passangers fart as well. There are some interesting that article which are women’s farts smell worse than men’s and most people fart about ten times a day.

I think that this article is involved in one of human factors which are stress and lack of resources. Farting give to people stress because it is very smelly, but people can not say to people who parts in airplane because it is physiological phenomena. Also, farting in aircraft is involved with lack of resouces because farting destroy air pollution in airplane, so aircraft need an air purigication system.

I never heard about farting accident, but it can be dangerous when aircraft flight. if the pilot affect his abilities to control the airplane due to farting, it will be involved with big accident. Therefore, aviation industry need to develop air pollution system for safety’s sake. farting is physiological phenomena.

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Advantage of the new coating technology

Sharkskin coating is emulated from shark. Sharkskin’s shape is “V” form wrinkle. If sharkskin’s shape apply to aircraft, it would be lessen the air resistance because sharkskin can minimize the air resistance by removing from turbulence.

I think that coating would be more effective for aircraft. It means that aircraft company could get more profit by using sharkskin coating because it can make to reduce the air resistance which means that could make fuel cost reduction. According to NASA, they proved that sharkskin coating can minimize the air resistance until 9%.

They have a problem which is a durability, but evolution in paint technology cover to sharkskin durability. so they should challnege more development of new coating technology because we need to make fuel reduction.

If i were an aircraft designer, I would look for inspiration from insect because the number of scientist have inveted many technology from nature. especialy insect, insect has many advantage. Sometimes we can not believe their ability. We need to development technology for humanity. Therefore, we analyze insect for improving our technology.



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People want to see real Boeing 787 Dreamliner

When Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner completed its first test flight in December 2009, it was bright future of commercial aviation. It was innovated in aviation industry. Typically, Boeing 787 Dreamliner was the first medium-sized aircraft which can fly 8,200 miles, can fly at mach 0.85, it was longest distance airplan and it was that most of the fastest commercial airplanes fly similarily at the speed. Also, they demonstrated good result which are fuel efficiency, reduction of noise, and light weight.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner has many problem after released. There are many problems in Boeing 787 Dreamliner which are separate fuel leak, faulty wiring to battery, material flaw and break.  As it is known, there are that problems, but there has not been passengers injured or killed yet. However, that facts showing that Boeing 787 Dreamliner is insecure airplane yet. Who can believe that airplan, if they still have that problems.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is commercial aircraft which means that they care about most  passengers safety. When they made that aircraft, they include many things which are beutiful interior, many cutting edge cutting edge, more fast, more light weight, but most important thing is passengers safety. Of course that is important because Boeing is one of enterprise. However, If they think about just getting money, or getting more customer, their Dreamliner can not be real Dreamliner. If they can not solve that problems, who want to get on at Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

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Does Qantas really need restructuring a business?

The Qantas decided that Qantas laid off a five hundred employees who are 200 Qantas line maintenance, 250 contractors at Avalon in Victoria and others 50 people because of financial difficulties.  Also, The latest cuts take the total number of jobs axed from Qantas’s engineering operations this year to about 1260. I think that this Qantas’s decision is just for their profits. It just show that they do not think about passenger’s safety because they cut the large of number maintenance for their profits. Also, the most people know that they have financial difficulties recently but their decision is not helpful for Qantas and passengers. Therefore, they have to solve this finanacial difficulties by the ohter way that they increase their economy by using the other business item which are best service, best safety, best environment in airplane. It might be high price for passengers but quality is better than quantity which means their profits.

Qantas is one of largest airline in Australia aviation indutsry but if they cut many employees, they will lost credibilty from their customers and their cooperation company. Even though, they have financial difficulties. Therefore, If Qantas want to be best Airline company in world, they should find the other way for financial difficulties with out cut employees.

The author used some statistics about their restructuring a business. According to the author, “In August Qantas closed its heavy maintenance base at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, resulting in the loss of 422 jobs. A further 113 positions have already gone from the base at Avalon, and the latest cuts will leave the engineering workforce there at 340 – just over half its size at the start of the year.”, also the author’s statistics showed how the problem serious in Qantas. It makes to understand easily for audience.




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What do I need for becoming an AME?

On the whole, the article describe what employers want skills from an AME, what they need to be for becoming an AME. the areticle shows some skills which are good communication skills, self starting skills, high ethical standards, good people skills, following instruction skills, critical thinking skills, knowing limits, teamwork skills, and positive attitude. these skills are necessary for preparing aeromechanic if they want to hire from aviation industry. Not only these skills, they need to deverlop for getting job. How many people apply resume to aviation industry for becoming AME? Most large numner of people apply resume to many aviation company. Therefore, we need to prepare more the other skills, also we should have that article skills. In the 21st Century, we need to help ourselves fit on the age of limitless competition for the pursuit of profits in companies. The attitude of preparation for the near future is needed as we take the lead for the change of tomorrow.

I have experience which is company in Korea. I know how to work with people, but It was in Korea. In Canada, I still lack many skills which is good communication skills. Actually, I need that all article skills, but good communication skills are most necessary skills for me because When I work as AME, I need to speak second language with coworkers. I am still studying english in the school, and studying some mechanic skills, but It is not enough yet. However,  I am going to learn that all skills because if i want to get a job in Canada, I have to prepare that skills. It is unconditional skills for me when I look for a job in Canada. I hope that skills want to master in the future. I can do it.

I am studying in Dorset college which teach english and science. I am preparing for BCIT at Dorset college. All my class mate want to be AME in Canada. We do not have skills for hiring from Aviation Industry. Basically, I need to speak english very well for communication when I become AME. However, I do not have good english skills. Therefore, I am going to study very hard, and I am going to learn good coummunication skills by working with my class mates. also It could learn good skills which are communication skills, good people skills, critical thinking skills, knowing limits, and teamwork skills. this is a win-win situation all around that we can help each other for our dream.

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