What is the most significant problems about cutting conners in aviation industry?

Recently, the aviation industry wants to make more profit by maintaining try to reduce by using cheaper materials. However there can be big problems for aviation industry and pasengers as well. If they have some problem, It would be connected to passenger’s lives directly.

The aviation industry does not want to spend money for maintance than their in-flight service.

I think it is possible to be profitable for aviation industry but it can not be safe for passengers. also It is not helpful for the aviation industry. If they have airplane accidents because of cutting  conners, their pasengers would be killed and If they have some problems , pasengers do not choose that airline. Finally, It could be unprofitable for aviation industry because the pasengers can not trust the aviation industry. therefore It is not to be safe and not profitable.

Actually, aviation industry can make big profit. but It is not important than pasenger’s safety. However this job is seriously significant part of position for passengers. If I become an aircraft maintenance engineer, I have to make sure every things and always think about passenger’s life and safe. If I know what our company has been cutting connner, I would feel guilty and by I would not feel comfortable.

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