The cause of maintenance stress in aviation industry.

The most aeromechanic have a large of number stress more than nomal job because usually they care about people’s lives who are passengers and co-workers. so they should get stress that one of  a reason is about safety. they have to think about safety everytime. If they miss something when they fix airplane, It could make a big accident. so they always get great fear about safety. also they could get stress that they should study something new while they are working in the aviation industry because in aviation industry has new material, new air plane, new aviation laws every year.

Basically, they always get stress, but they can cope that there sucess task. however safety makes a large of number stress, but they have a responsibilty about  their job. therefore they could find to sense of accomplishment which sucees their task.

If i compare aeromechanic’s stress to student’s buiseness, they might have same things. for example teamwork. we usually work with co-workers or class mates. if someone has mistake who  is team worker. it could make big problem  their task. for sure in school and in aviation indusrty are different weight as their responsibilty. however if aeromechanins team have mistake, they might be failed in their life. also students have  mistake in their team, it might be failed that team from school. we could know what makes stress for us. but we can cope by ourselves. we have to keepp working even thoug we get stress because we have duty about our business.

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One Response to The cause of maintenance stress in aviation industry.

  1. amejiyeon says:

    I agree with your opinion. Many aircraft maintenance engineer who are recived a lot of stress, when they are performed their task. If they have a lot of stress, it could be make a big problem. The company have to reduce thier stress and refome thier task more than efficiently. It could be keep the passenger’s and flight crew’s life.

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