What do I need for becoming an AME?

On the whole, the article describe what employers want skills from an AME, what they need to be for becoming an AME. the areticle shows some skills which are good communication skills, self starting skills, high ethical standards, good people skills, following instruction skills, critical thinking skills, knowing limits, teamwork skills, and positive attitude. these skills are necessary for preparing aeromechanic if they want to hire from aviation industry. Not only these skills, they need to deverlop for getting job. How many people apply resume to aviation industry for becoming AME? Most large numner of people apply resume to many aviation company. Therefore, we need to prepare more the other skills, also we should have that article skills. In the 21st Century, we need to help ourselves fit on the age of limitless competition for the pursuit of profits in companies. The attitude of preparation for the near future is needed as we take the lead for the change of tomorrow.

I have experience which is company in Korea. I know how to work with people, but It was in Korea. In Canada, I still lack many skills which is good communication skills. Actually, I need that all article skills, but good communication skills are most necessary skills for me because When I work as AME, I need to speak second language with coworkers. I am still studying english in the school, and studying some mechanic skills, but It is not enough yet. However,  I am going to learn that all skills because if i want to get a job in Canada, I have to prepare that skills. It is unconditional skills for me when I look for a job in Canada. I hope that skills want to master in the future. I can do it.

I am studying in Dorset college which teach english and science. I am preparing for BCIT at Dorset college. All my class mate want to be AME in Canada. We do not have skills for hiring from Aviation Industry. Basically, I need to speak english very well for communication when I become AME. However, I do not have good english skills. Therefore, I am going to study very hard, and I am going to learn good coummunication skills by working with my class mates. also It could learn good skills which are communication skills, good people skills, critical thinking skills, knowing limits, and teamwork skills. this is a win-win situation all around that we can help each other for our dream.

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One Response to What do I need for becoming an AME?

  1. ameclayton says:

    It is interesting to konw that you have already experienced of working for some company in Korea. I personally think that good commucation skill is one of the most necessary skills that we should have to become an adequate AME, and unfortunately I am poor at the skill either. We could work on the skill together and help others who lack the skill improve it as well. However, we had better focus on each of the skills required at the same time in a way that we should possess all the characteristics and skills that the article talked about before we go into the industry. YES, English is the only language we will be speaking in the industry here so I do hope you improve your English skills while you are studying at Dorset College.

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