Does Qantas really need restructuring a business?

The Qantas decided that Qantas laid off a five hundred employees who are 200 Qantas line maintenance, 250 contractors at Avalon in Victoria and others 50 people because of financial difficulties.  Also, The latest cuts take the total number of jobs axed from Qantas’s engineering operations this year to about 1260. I think that this Qantas’s decision is just for their profits. It just show that they do not think about passenger’s safety because they cut the large of number maintenance for their profits. Also, the most people know that they have financial difficulties recently but their decision is not helpful for Qantas and passengers. Therefore, they have to solve this finanacial difficulties by the ohter way that they increase their economy by using the other business item which are best service, best safety, best environment in airplane. It might be high price for passengers but quality is better than quantity which means their profits.

Qantas is one of largest airline in Australia aviation indutsry but if they cut many employees, they will lost credibilty from their customers and their cooperation company. Even though, they have financial difficulties. Therefore, If Qantas want to be best Airline company in world, they should find the other way for financial difficulties with out cut employees.

The author used some statistics about their restructuring a business. According to the author, “In August Qantas closed its heavy maintenance base at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, resulting in the loss of 422 jobs. A further 113 positions have already gone from the base at Avalon, and the latest cuts will leave the engineering workforce there at 340 – just over half its size at the start of the year.”, also the author’s statistics showed how the problem serious in Qantas. It makes to understand easily for audience.




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One Response to Does Qantas really need restructuring a business?

  1. amekevinhsu says:

    Yes I agree with you, but for my opinion even Qantas want to keep its future to prevent go bankrupt they can not just cut more than hundred jobs opportunity.
    Because since they did that, it will cause other more serious problem. The serious problem such as increase the ratio of crime or increase the workless ratio because people who work related in aviation industry in really professional if they loss job they are hard to find some job which is still related aviation. Because they got fire is not they did some wrong; is Australia government’s policy wrong, so it will influence all Australia even you try to look a job in other airport. As long as you are looking the job opportunity which is related airport are all being influence. Base on this effect, will cause some problem are easy to see and understanding such as people will go to get some money with anyway. It’s call crime, or some people in order to keep his/her family’s economy they have to learn other skill or find some job which is less require professional. It’s will cause Australia’s economy get more lower, so I think if Qantas still need to cut the jobs off they better need to have a best plan for solve the problem I mention before.

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