Advantage of the new coating technology

Sharkskin coating is emulated from shark. Sharkskin’s shape is “V” form wrinkle. If sharkskin’s shape apply to aircraft, it would be lessen the air resistance because sharkskin can minimize the air resistance by removing from turbulence.

I think that coating would be more effective for aircraft. It means that aircraft company could get more profit by using sharkskin coating because it can make to reduce the air resistance which means that could make fuel cost reduction. According to NASA, they proved that sharkskin coating can minimize the air resistance until 9%.

They have a problem which is a durability, but evolution in paint technology cover to sharkskin durability. so they should challnege more development of new coating technology because we need to make fuel reduction.

If i were an aircraft designer, I would look for inspiration from insect because the number of scientist have inveted many technology from nature. especialy insect, insect has many advantage. Sometimes we can not believe their ability. We need to development technology for humanity. Therefore, we analyze insect for improving our technology.



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