Effect of farting on aircraft

During flight, human have no patience with farting because it is physiological phenomena. Also, in-flight farts inevitable because of change in pressure. However, farting could be dangerous. If the pilot restrains a fart, all the pilot affect his abilities to control the airplane. As passangers fart as well. There are some interesting that article which are women’s farts smell worse than men’s and most people fart about ten times a day.

I think that this article is involved in one of human factors which are stress and lack of resources. Farting give to people stress because it is very smelly, but people can not say to people who parts in airplane because it is physiological phenomena. Also, farting in aircraft is involved with lack of resouces because farting destroy air pollution in airplane, so aircraft need an air purigication system.

I never heard about farting accident, but it can be dangerous when aircraft flight. if the pilot affect his abilities to control the airplane due to farting, it will be involved with big accident. Therefore, aviation industry need to develop air pollution system for safety’s sake. farting is physiological phenomena.

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One Response to Effect of farting on aircraft

  1. amejiyeon says:

    I never heard about the farting is related the safety flying. The new aircrafts they have great cabin pressure system, so they control the cabin pressure automaticaly in flight. We never worry about the farting effect. The system can control the standard press, and they changed the polluted air to fresh air every 15 minutes. Don’t worry about the farting and safety flying.

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