Should we have a dream job for our life?


According to Confucius, he said, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”?. I think that sentence has hiding real meaning which is not following money for your life. If you love your job, you can get worthwhile even though you cannot get enough money for your life.

I have a dream job, it is realistic but it is very difficult to get that dream job. The most people’s dream jobs are difficult, or some people’s dream job is not realistic. I think that it depends on what they want to get in their dream job. If their purpose is money, it is not realistic and it is difficult to get that dream job because when they try to get a dream job, that might be boring and it might not enjoy for them, but If they find worthwhile in their dream job, it is going to be really exciting and they could get energy through their challenge. Also, they have passion for challenging to their dream job.

I have experience which is full time job after graduated from university in Korea. When I work in Korea, I was bored and not exiting. I just needed to earn money for my life. I do not have passion for my job. It was really hard time for me. When I get stress, I always think about quitting for a job. At that time I thought that I need a new job that I have passion for that job even though salary is not high. Therefore, Money is not first, Passion is first.


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One Response to Should we have a dream job for our life?

  1. amejiyeon says:

    I agree with your opinion. I think that there are not dream job in the world. For example, someone does not like house keeper because that is kinds of dirty job. Who like dirty job. However, someone really like that job because they offer work and salary, although that is dirty and hard job. I think that dream job, it is in the mind.

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