Who has a responsibility for that incident?

According to CBC news, a passenger reportedly was injured by what appeared to be a sewing needle found in a sandwich during a flight from victoria to Toronto. It was minor injuries, but it could threaten passenger’s life. That sandwich company was from Gate Gourmet Canada. Also, they found needles Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam. Spokesperson of Gate Gourmet Canada said that we are working closely to support our customer, including co-operating with the authorities investigating the incident.

Read the article, http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/07/31/needle-flight-meal-air-canada.html, and respond to the following questions: (1) identify the human factors that are related to this issue,(2)How serious it is? (3) Who has a responsibility for that incident?

It is serious problem for aviation industry. They should check everything before flight, first they need to think about what is the most important when they work aviation industry.

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One Response to Who has a responsibility for that incident?

  1. wook0627 says:

    Last semester we learned about 12 human factors, which can adapt in Air Canada Airline accident.
    In fact, this accident would be adapted awareness, also norms. In this case, Air Canada was investigating after passenger reportedly was injured by sewing needle found in a sandwich during a flight. The Air Canada continued investigate of where was the needle add in the meal. At the same time the airline has not disclosed whether the passenger found the needle was injured, which means, the airline did not want to affect of their profits. Therefore, the airline ignored the rule and norms. This accident was very serious. The passenger would be dead, as well as, if the meal had not sewing needle, it can instead animals corpse or more dangerous goods.
    I think this accident was responsibility for airline. Also, meals supplied company had a responsibility, but, most part of responsibility was airline. Before flight they had to checked whole of the airplane, also they need checked customers meal. Due to this, airline effect of bad situation and when people are using that airline, they always checked their meals..

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