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Who has a responsibility for that incident?

According to CBC news, a passenger reportedly was injured by what appeared to be a sewing needle found in a sandwich during a flight from victoria to Toronto. It was minor injuries, but it could threaten passenger’s life. That sandwich … Continue reading

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Should we have a dream job for our life?

  According to Confucius, he said, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”?. I think that sentence has hiding real meaning which is not following money for your life. If … Continue reading

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Effect of farting on aircraft

During flight, human have no patience with farting because it is physiological phenomena. Also, in-flight farts inevitable because of change in pressure. However, farting could be dangerous. If the pilot restrains a fart, all the pilot affect his abilities to control the airplane. … Continue reading

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Advantage of the new coating technology

Sharkskin coating is emulated from shark. Sharkskin’s shape is “V” form wrinkle. If sharkskin’s shape apply to aircraft, it would be lessen the air resistance because sharkskin can minimize the air resistance by removing from turbulence. I think that coating … Continue reading

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People want to see real Boeing 787 Dreamliner

When Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner completed its first test flight in December 2009, it was bright future of commercial aviation. It was innovated in aviation industry. Typically, Boeing 787 Dreamliner was the first medium-sized aircraft which can fly 8,200 miles, can fly … Continue reading

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Does Qantas really need restructuring a business?

The Qantas decided that Qantas laid off a five hundred employees who are 200 Qantas line maintenance, 250 contractors at Avalon in Victoria and others 50 people because of financial difficulties.  Also, The latest cuts take the total number of … Continue reading

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What do I need for becoming an AME?

On the whole, the article describe what employers want skills from an AME, what they need to be for becoming an AME. the areticle shows some skills which are good communication skills, self starting skills, high ethical standards, good people skills, following instruction … Continue reading

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